Virgin Mary Canyon – Kurşunlu Monastery

Total Distance: 5,5 km

Average Time: 3 hours 30 min

Starting Elevation: 216 m

Highest Elevation: 330 m

Difficulty: Hard


Transportation to the Starting Point of the Route

Aydın – Davutlar: 64 km (Bus Route 403 and inter-district dolmush)

Söke – Davutlar: 15 km (Bus Route 271 and inter-district dolmush)

Kuşadası – Davutlar: 21 km (Bus Route 900 and inter-district dolmush)


Route Details

The canyon, located 3,5 km away from Davutlar Neighborhood, is known as the place where the water dedicated to Virgin Mary originate from. In the canyon that consists of rows of waterfalls, you can hike through various plants and trees. After your hike through the canyon, you can reach the Kurşunlu Monastery, if you walk 2 km in the West direction. You can visit the chapel and the infirmary in the monastery. Owing to the region’s location inside the National Park you can also see various plant species and wild animals, and enjoy the unique scenery.