Aydın – Archaeological Museum – Zincirli Inn – Tralleis Ancient City

Total Distance: 12 km

Average Time: 3 hours

Starting Elevation: 60 m

Highest Elevation: 147 m

Difficulty: Easy


Transportation to the Starting Point of the Route

İzmir – Aydın: 109 km

Denizli – Aydın: 123 km

Muğla – Aydın: 115 km


Route Details

If you wish you can start your day with a nice breakfast at Zincirlihan Inn. After that you can visit the Ottoman period structures in Veysipaşa and Köprülü Neighborhoods such as Nasuhpaşa Social Complex, Cihanoğlu Social Complex, and Gümrükönü Inn-Bathhouse as well as the Ottoman period mosques in the city centre such as Cihanoğlu, Ramazanpaşa, Süleyman Bey and Eski-Yeni Mosques where characteristics of baroque and rococa arts can be seen. After seeing the recent past Ottoman works of art, if you’d like to delve deeper into history, you can visit Aydın Archaeological Museum located on Aydın – Denizli Highway. In the museum, the items excavated from Tralleis, Magnesia, Nysa, Alinda, Alabanda, Tepecik Mound and Orthosia, such as stone artifacts, mosaics, coins, sculptures, sarcophaguses, relieves, altars, ceramics, jewelry, ostoteks, and Archaic Panionion Temple are exhibited. The museum, which has the most important archeological inventory in Aydın, lights the way for researchers, and archeology and history enthusiasts.

Later on, while cycling through the route, in order to enjoy the view of the beautiful city of Aydın, you can take a short trip to Tralleis Ancient City, and watch the sunset.