Arapapıştı Canyon

Arapapıştı Canyon, formed by millions of years of geological activity and the erosive effect of the Akçay River that supplies water to Kemer Dam, offers us a unique natural beauty with its height of 380 m and length of 6 km.

Arapapıştı Canyon, located at the common borders of Aydın, Muğla and Denizli, is also referred to as İnceğiz and Körteke.

Canyon's name "Arapapıştı" is thought to originate from tribes that came to this region from Hejaz in the 19th century. The word "Arapapıştı" comes from "ab+aş-mak" and literally means "the place where Arab drank water." When all things considered it can be assumed that the name originates from an event where a tribe called "Arab" camped here to drink water. This way the name "Arapapıştı" was passed down by word of mouth by local public and reached the present day.

Three lakes located in Akçay Valley, and Arapapıştı situated in the middle of these three lakes, had been one of the places of refuge for people who wanted hide and live a life of religion ever since the ancient times. On the slope of the canyon there is a 2500 year old archaic stone tomb which has never been mentioned by any traveler before.

On the slopes of Arapapıştı Canyon, there are many caves different from each other in terms of shape and size. The caves named "Sıra İnler", positioned right next to each other, had been actively used in different eras in history. On the side of the canyon that faces Karacasu there is a secret tunnel. This tunnel is in the shape of a slit, and its lower side was laid with stones by humans for protection purposes.

Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, in order to contribute to the rural development and to introduce Arapapıştı Canyon to the world, put ecotourism activities in this region into practice which is a type of tourism for both present and future, that is planned, developing, and respectful to the environment.

Visitors who come to the region can buy products that are produced in a rural environment from Kemer Village Bazaar, which was established by the help of the infrastructure Aydın Metropolitan Municipality provided. This way they can contribute to the financial development of the local public.