After the Beylik of Aydın had been abolished, a new period started in Ottoman Administrative Organization, especially in the West Anatolia. Established in 1426, the sanjak centre of the Sanjak of Aydın (an administrative divison of Ottoman Empire) was Tire. After the structural changes in the organization in 1811, Aydın was designated as the city centre of the newly found Eyalet of Aydın (lit.state) where sanjak cities such as Tire-Muğla-Manisa, Denizli, İzmir, Selçuk were made part of this Eyalet. With the new regulations put into practice in 1850, status of central city was given to İzmir.

The operation of municipal organizations in a western sense started in 1864. In the Ottoman Period, local administration structure underwent an institutionalization period first with “İhtisap Nazırlığı” and then “Şehir Eminliği”, and finally it achieved an organized structure in 1869 with the enactment of “İdare-i Belediye Nizamnamesi”.

Although our municipality is believed to have been established in 1881, we think that our organization has at least another 20 years of prior history to this date. The research about this topic is still ongoing. (This subject is being discussed with Historian-Author A. Munis Armağan, and the information above has been obtained from him.)

The current Mayor of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, since 30 March 2009, is Özlem ÇERÇİOĞLU.