Aydın is located in the Aegean Region, a region with one of the most developed economies in Turkey, situated right in the middle of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East triangle where Turkey’s agriculture, industry and foreign trade, and tourism operations are all together.

Aydın has been an important center of population ever since antiquity due to its fertile lands, mild climate and location on trade routes. In the course of history it’s been home to many civilizations, and even today carries the deep traces of the past. Today, the busy and diverse agricultural operations, and the richness of tourist attractions keep increasing the importance of the city. Aydın is located in the West of Anatolia. It’s in the coastal Aegean area in the southwest of Aegean Region. It’s neighbors with İzmir and Manisa in the north, Denizli in the east, Muğla in the South, and Aegean Sea in the west. Its North and South are mountainous and uneven, and between these two sections is The Maeander Plain, a basin, bordered by faultlines on both sides, and later covered by alluvium. The region, which is a first degree seismic zone, has experienced devastating earthquakes many times. Its surface area is 8.007 km². It’s located between 37-38 North latitudes and 27-29 east longitudes. The population, according to 1997 population census, is 897.821. At the latest census it was expected to surpass one million, and these predictions came true.