Priene Ancient City

Priene Ancient City is located on the south slope of Mykale (Samsun) Mountain which is in Güllübahçe Neighborhood 15 km. southwest of Söke District. The city was established in the 4th century BC for goddess Athena, and it's one of the important cities with a grid plan. The most important structure is the Temple of Athena which is located in the city centre. In ancient times, in front of the temple there was a statue of Athena made of gold and ivory. Today, part of the altar of the temple is still intact. One of the Seven Sages (Seven Wise Men) Bias lived in Priene, and it's known that during his east campaign Alexander the Great stayed in the city and had the temple of Athena fixed. The city also houses an Egyptian Temple dedicated to Osiris and goddess Isis for the use of traveling merchants from Egypt.