Esenköy-Arpaz Mansion

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman lodged in the mansion of the mesne lords Arpazlı Family of Bozdoğan and Nazilli in a region called “Nehr-i Bozdoğan” in 17 July 1522 after he had entered Aydın with his armies through Honaz District of Denizli Province. In present day known as Arpaz Castle, Arpaz Mansion and Tower had been built on an ancient Carian city known as Harpasa Ancient City. Later, the mansion had been burned down by Atçalı Kel Mehmet and Çakırcalı Mehmed Efe. Hacı Hasan Bey of Arpazlı had the structure that exists today built by the Rhodian architects in the 19th century.