Nysa Ancient City

Ancient city of Nysa is located 3km northwest of Sultanhisar town. It was established in the beginning of the 2nd century BC at the foot of a mythological mountain which was known as "Messogis" during the Hellenistic Period.

According to mythology; the god of wine Dionysus was born in this place. The name "Dionysus" means "The god of light of Mount Nysa" in Turkish.  The vine-harvest festivities that -took place in autumn were dedicated to the god of wine Dionysus. On the podium of the theatre, which is one of the prominent structures of the city, scenes from the festivities are depicted.

Famous geographer and traveler Strabon received education in the ancient city of Nysa which was distinguished for its education and library in the ancient era. Most of the ruins that can be seen in the city in present day are from Roman and Byzantine periods.

In order to draw attention to the region's historical and cultural qualities; Özlem Çerçioğlu, the Mayor of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, held the city council meeting in the provincial council building of the ancient city of Nysa which is a first in 1800 years.